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How to get things done...

By Emma Grounsell
Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to get things done when you're too tired

It’s the end of the winter and not unusual to be feeling quite tired, even though spring is in the air.  We’ve dragged ourselves through the short, cold days and dark evenings, fought off colds and tummy bugs, and now you’re just feeling worn out.  Life gets a little bit harder when you’re tired, especially as life around you doesn’t slow down.  So, what can you do to help get through and get things done when you’re feeling less than perfect?


Small business support in HertsIt’s just not possible to go at your normal speed when you’re feeling tired, so just take things a little bit slower.  Focusing on one task at a time will allow you to concentrate, ensuring that a fuzzy head isn’t made worse by jumbled and erratic thoughts.  It’s easier to make mistakes when you are tired, which will waste you time in the long run, so slowing down and focussing should reduce the chances of this happening.

Shutting off distractions will also help you focus – turn off your email and social media for a bit.


This goes for both work and home life.  I do love a list and have one each for work and home.  Work out what absolutely needs to be done today at home, to keep family life running.  Do the same for your business.

Write everything down – writing things down means you get them out of your head, freeing up space and energy, and also means that they are saved somewhere safe for a later time.

Break it down – break big tasks down into smaller chunks so that it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Prioritise everything that you need to do and work out what absolutely needs to be done.  Are there some things on your list that can wait or be taken off entirely?  Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have.

Do things differently - instead of going out to meet business contacts or clients have phonecall or online meeting using Skype or Zoom.

Plan the meals for a week – I hate having to think about what to have for dinner each day because unless you make a quick decision the thought is just hanging around in the back of your mind annoying you and draining your energy.  Spend a few minutes planning it at the beginning of the week and then forget about it.


Delegate – and this goes for home as well as work.  Can the kids have a playdate so that you can concentrate on that important project?  Can the kids do some of the chores?  Can you outsource some tasks to someone else so that you can focus on those really important projects and not have to worry about the other things on your list?


I know that I have a tendency to expect an awful lot of myself in everything I do, and when I’m on top form that’s fine, but when I’m tired it’s just not possible.  Sometimes we need to aim for good enough, which in reality is more than good enough.  It could be everyone having fish fingers and chips for tea rather than cooking that spaghetti bolognaise from scratch.  It might be writing a blog that is shorter than usual.


It is very easy to stay at home in the warm when you are feeling tired and there’s loads to do but getting out into the fresh air can really make a difference.  It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, just a stroll to get you moving and the blood pumping a little.  It will clear your head and hopefully re-energise you so that you can crack on with whatever you were working on.


We all have times in the day when our energy levels dip and this can be really hard when you are already feeling tired.  Taking regular breaks can help with your concentration levels so go and put on the kettle!


I mentioned I was writing this blog to a nutritionist and the first thing she said was to eat something good for you and to make sure that you are regularly eating properly.  When you’re busy it always seems easier to grab something quick to eat but that probably isn’t going to do you much good, even if that 3rd bacon sarnie of the week is what you really fancy.

Finally…. Get a good night sleep

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