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Customer Relationship Manager Support

Customer Relationship Manager in Herts

Customer Relationship

A Customer Relationship Manager is a tool to bring together all your client information in one place, from contact details and buying history to communications and will enable you to automate the repetitive admin tasks so you spend less time on manual data entry and more time actually selling.

I can help you with the following:

  • FREE consultation to discuss your requirements & business processes
  • Research best options for your business and make recommendations
  • Setting up of CRM processes to match and streamline your admin systems – tasks, workflows, reminders, client records, sales processes, automated emails & templates
  • Data cleansing & upload
  • Training session & literature to get you comfortable with the system

A well organised and maintained CRM can make a huge difference to the running and success of your business, from improved customer service to savings in time management.

Prices from £400

AdminWise testimonial

"I have been using Emma to help me with my admin and website for a few months now, and can truly say I have felt better about now being properly organised! When you are the sole person in your business and working hard it is easy to end up with lots of admin things that need doing, but you never have the time to do. Emma has managed to tidy up my emails, sort out my files on my computer into a more logical and clear order, and helped to tweak and improve my website. I can highly recommend Emma and it has been a joy having her in my home helping to bring some order to my business life!"

Jane Needham

For support with Customer Relationship Systems please call 07939 252060